Arbed 2

Melin is delivering a green homes project worth £27million stretching from the bridge in south east Wales to the beach in the south west.

Over the next three years Melin Homes, in partnership with the Energy Saving Trust (EST), will be responsible for implementing energy efficiency measures in up to 1,000 homes each year with an annual budget of £9million.

The scheme is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government, and will bring energy efficiency measures to homes on an area based approach and promote green skills and jobs.

If you want to read more about the arbed 2 ERDF scheme click here for a copy of arbed Life

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Mini Tender Installation - Phillipstown, Caerphilly

1. Summary - Phillipstown, Caerphilly

2. Part A - Phillipstown, Caerphilly

3. Part B - Phillipstown, Caerphilly

4. Part C - Phillipstown, Caerphilly

5. Part D - Phillipstown, Caerphilly

6. Section 1.0 External Wall Insulation - Phillipstown, Caerphilly

7. Section 1.1 Heating - Phillipstown, Caerphilly

8. Section 1.2 Voltage Optimisation Units - Phillipstown, Caerphilly

9. Cost Assessment - Phillipstown, Caerphilly


Mini Tender Supplier - Phillipstown, Caerphilly

EWI cost assessment supplier - Phillipstown

EWI mini tender supplier - Phillipstown


ECO Schemes - Mini Tender Supplier 

ECO Projects Supplier Tender

ECO Projects Supplier Cost Assessment


ECO Schemes - Mini Tender Installation

ECO Projects Installer Tender

ECO Projects Installer Cost Assessment

ECO Projects Mechanical and Electrical Specification