Our cookie policy

What are Cookies?
Cookies are text files which web servers store on your computer's hard drive when you visit a site. They allow the server to recognise you when you revisit the site, thus speeding up your experience.

For example, they can remember your login details so that you don’t have to type them in every time you revisit a site. And since they don’t collect personal information about you from your computer, they are completely harmless.

New requirements on cookies
With regards to the new requirements on Cookies following the revision of the e-Privacy Directive, Melin Homes is working towards implementing the new requirements in line with recent guidance from the Information Commissioner's Office.

We are updating our websites to comply with the new cookies regulation and these changes will be applied in the very near future.

Types of cookies
Depending on their origins and ownership, all cookies can be first or third party cookies. First party cookies are owned and created by the website you're viewing. While third party cookies are owned and created by an independent company that may be providing a service to the website owners. We don’t use either at the moment.

What we use cookies for
Many companies use cookies to help speed up your online experience. For instance, you save time when you don’t have to enter your login details every time you return to a site. At the moment we don’t use cookies at all, once the Residents portal is operational we will store information about your preferences to prevent unauthorised access to your account. Without cookies, we can’t ensure your data is secure, so you may not be able to use the service and gather information about pages visited by people who are browsing our site.

What we don’t use cookies for
We don't use cookies to track websites you visit after you leave our sites or store personal information which other people could read. And we'll never sell or distribute cookie information.

Changing your cookie settings
Cookies form a ‘trail’ of pages you’ve visited online, and won't damage your computer or collect personal information from it. However, if you’d like to stop receiving cookies from us and other sites, all you have to do is change your browser settings by following the guidelines set out by the browser.