What is anti-social behaviour?

We take a firm but fair stance in incidents of serious anti-social behaviour and we will give you support to deal with any neighbourhood dispute before it gets worse.


Serious anti-social behaviour is:
•Any hate related incident about a person’s race, sexual orientation, gender, religion,disability or age.
•Physical violence e.g. physical abuse,assault, fighting
•Drug use or dealing
•Criminal Offences and Domestic Abuse (where a conviction has been made)


Please report any anti-social behaviour to us using our online form. Our Community Safety  Team responds to high level complaints within 24 hours (excluding non-working days). You may find it helpful to complete our incident diary, which will allow you to record everything that happens, or for noise complaints our diary of disturbances.  Please be aware that these may be used in any resulting court cases.


Your Community Safety Team will deal with other anti-social behaviour such as:

• Pestering people
• Menacing gestures
• Street Drinking and drunken behaviour
• Misuse of Communal Areas or Public Space
• Gangs of youths ‘congregating.’
• Inappropriate use of fireworks
• Setting fires (not directed at specific persons or property)
• Criminal behaviour (where there is Police evidence)
• Loud music
• Noise nuisance other e.g. pets

Melin will not deal with any of the following:

•Children playing in the street.
•Children arguing.
•Events in the home such as; flushing toilets,cooking smells, smoking in own home,washing machines, babies crying or playing.
•Staring or looking at someone.
•Pets straying across garden areas.
•One off noise nuisance such as a one-off party or BBQ.
•Parked vehicles causing an obstruction (unless the Police have confirmed that a genuine obstruction has taken place).
•Personal disputes where no breech of tenancy can be proven.
•Problems arising from conflict of lifestyles, such as shift work.


Try talking

Often these issues can be sorted out before they escalate by calmly talking to your neighbours as they may not be aware that their behaviour is bothering you. 


Anti-Social Behaviour Policy

We have recently reviewed our Anti-Social Behaviour Policy, which outlines the way Melin will deal with instances of anti-social behaviour. If you would like to view a copy of the policy, please contact the Community Safety Team on 08453 101102 or 01495 745910 or email asb@melinhomes.co.uk  


Ring 101

You can always ring the police's non-emergency hot-line number -101 to report any instance of anti-socuial behaviour. Obviously, if the situation is life-threatening, you must call the emergency services on 999.