Digital inclusion

Digital skills are so important in today's society, and we want to help you make the most of technology. Whether you're smartphone savvy or have never switched on a computer, we have advice and guidance to help you on your digital journey. Here are some reasons to get online:

  • It can save you money. You can compare prices and take advantage of cheaper online deals;
  • It can help you learn. The internet gives you a whole world of information at your fingertips;
  • Sharing information. You could join a forum or interest group and share opinions with like-minded people from the comfort of your home;
  • Staying in touch. The internet gives you the chance to keep in contact with friends near and far as well as keep up to date with local, community and global news;
  • It's convenient. You could order your shopping online and have it delivered to your door, order your car tax online or even book a doctor's appointment
If you decide you'd like to know a bit more, there are lots of things we can do to help make it easier for you. Here are some examples of the help we have on offer:
  • Advice on affordable broadband connection;
  • Help to find affordable equipment from refurbished laptops to tablets, and the latest smartphones;
  • Advice on IT training for employment;
  • Advice on computer viruses and help when things go wrong;
  • Help to study and learn from your computer at home;
  • Advice on local WiFi hotspots.

Sound good? We can help. Our Digital Inclusion Officer Louise Kingdon can help you, just give her a call on 01495 745910 or send her an email.