Don’t get caught out – get insured

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12th October, 2016

Don't Get Caught Out - Get Insured

We do not insure your personal belongings, carpets, furniture or valuables against theft, fire, flood or any other common household risk. Should the worst happen you could be left seriously out of pocket if you don’t have home contents insurance.

We will repair damage to the property itself and we will do this as soon as we can, but you will have to deal with your home contents.

As part of the Melin Offer we ask all our residents to make sure that they have appropriate insurance cover. Home Contents Insurance is affordable and can cost as little as £1 per week.Recently, we had two events where our resident’s personal belongings were damaged. One had insurance, one didn’t. One already has new clothes and a TV, one is struggling to get by. Please make sure this doesn’t happen to you.


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