Our team has put over £2m back into residents pockets in the last year

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19th May, 2017

talk to us Our Money Advice team has put over £2million back into the pockets of its residents in the last year, by helping them access the correct benefits, take control of their debts, reduce energy bills, and represent claimants in tribunals. By offering advice across these key areas the team aim to bring about positive changes in people’s lives. 

One resident, who we call ‘John’ to protect his identity, was represented by money advisor Gavin, who obtained a £68k backdate on his retirement pension. “Gavin came to visit me in my home and helped me; I didn’t even know I was entitled to the money, its life changing” said John.

Claire Pearce-Crawford, Income & Inclusion manager said; “High quality money advice can change lives, and the £2 million in resident’s pockets demonstrates how we are positively impacting on residents lives. Maximising household income and improving health and wellbeing improves our resident’s capacity to deal with the forth coming Welfare Reform changes independently.

All residents needing help can contact the Melin Money Advice team on 01495 745910 or email moneyadvice@melinhomes.co.uk, or text 07860027935

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