Reading Melin News online

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9th August, 2017

We’ve had more people signing up to receive Melin News via email to read online, so we’ve created this helpful guide for how to best read Melin News through

When you first open an issue of Melin News you can enlarge it to view in full screen with the button in the bottom right corner.


You can use the left and right arrows to turn pages forwards and backwards through the magazine in both full screen and the smaller view.


If you need to make the text bigger you can zoom in with the slider at the bottom. When you’re zoomed in you can click and drag to move around the page to read it.


You can also read it on your mobile device or tablet with the same link. You can enlarge the magazine with the fullscreen button in the bottom right corner and use the same arrows to move through the magazine. You can pinch zoom to make text bigger like you would with photos.


Melin News isn’t currently available to download, you will need to be connected to the internet to view it online.

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