The Residents’ Panel

The Melin Residents Panel is a group of up to 10 elected residents who meet once a month. Within these meetings the Panel;

  • Manage their budget
  • Award grant funding to residents and community groups
  • Scrutinise policy and review service documents brought in by staff, giving their opinions and advice
  • Facilitate support for the Disability Access Group, Customer Service Group and Youth Forum

The Panel also;

  • Receive training to improve their skills
  • Attend conferences to share good practice
  • Sit on the Interview Panels for new members of staff
  • Arrange visits to Melin schemes to meet with residents
  • Take part in activities with Melin’s Communities Team

About the Panel

The Residents' Panel wheel

It is a group made up of 10 elected members who meet once a month. These volunteers form an umbrella group who monitor the involvement of residents and directly engage with and support communities. We want you to have your say and help us shape the services we provide you; as you can see from the diagram there are a number of ways that you can get involved in a variety of groups.

Resident Forum

Volunteers who inform and update the Panel on what’s happening in their communities and how the Panel can help.

Customer Service Group (CSG)

Volunteers who ‘mystery shop’ the services that we provide and make recommendations on how to improve them.

Disability Group

The Disability Group is run by residents who have experience of disability to represent others within the Melin community.

The group will liaise with Melin staff to identify opportunities for improvements in the services the housing association provides.

Members of the group can pass on useful information to fellow residents.

Mission statement
We will work with Melin;
• to remove barriers and provide suitable access to disabled residents
• To provide relevant information to other Melin residents
• They will also arrange social events where people with experience of disabilities get a chance to meet and learn more about the group.

The group will hold a database of information received by Melin and by people with disabilities and log any activities and queries on it
They hold regular meetings, which include speakers from within Melin and other outside agencies as guests

Useful information
When the group learns of any helpful organisations, changes in the law or any access-related issues they will share with other residents

Leaseholder Group

This is a new group that is going to represent the views of leaseholders.

Community Groups and Associations

Groups who meet with or contact the Panel. The Panel supports these groups through grants to set up resident associations or grants to improve their communities.

Our Vision

To involve residents in scrutinising through monitoring, the performance of the services that Melin provides. The Panel commissions reviews from the Customer Service Group to ensure that services are effective, delivering value for money and inclusive. This allows residents a role influencing decision making and strategic direction. To be the central umbrella group that monitors and encourages the involvement of other groups and to directly engage with the community and support projects in the community.

You can view the latest panel minutes here:

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Meet your Panel members

  • Natalie Gardner (Chair)
  • Mark Gibbons (Vice Chair)
  • Alison Williams
  • Edna Lewis
  • Christopher Byrne
  • Lyndon May
  • John Whythe
  • David Watkins
  • Clive Jenkins
  • Dudley Gordon (Co-optative member)

If you are interested in joining the panel and taking an active role in promoting the interests of residents then use the form on the right of this screen and select 'join the Residents Panel'. You can also ask them a question there. You can see any Resident Panel meeting dates here.

Apply for a grant

The Panel has an annual budget of around £30,000. Within that budget, the Panel has allocated money that they can use to award residents grants for landscaping and small works projects, community support and activities. If you are interested in applying for a Residents' Panel grant fill in the form on the right of this screen and select 'apply for a grant'. Please note that if you are applying for a grant over £250 3 quotes will be needed. The Panel may not consider retrospective applications for work that has already been done.

Contact the panel

You can get in touch with the Panel by email, or call 01495 745910 or you can write to us at:

Melin Residents' Panel
Ty’r Efail
Lower Mill Field