Vol10 is our volunteering initiative where we aim to get 10,000 hours pledged to help out around our communities. We're taking pledges from Melin staff, stakeholders, residents, and anyone else who is willing to get involved.

Thinking of joining Vol10 with a pledge of your own?

Great! It's simple to do, all we need is for you to fill in the short form at the bottom of this page with what you can pledge and how much time you can give. Don't worry, we won't keep tabs on you, we'll mark our progress on this page, so come back often to see how we're getting on.

How many hours can you pledge?

We're targeting a total of 10,000 hours. If everyone taking part pledges at least 10 hours over the next year (don't worry, we won't be keeping tabs on you) then we should be able to reach our target.

How we're doing so far…


What kind of things we're looking for

Some of our sign-ups so far have promised to visit elderly neighbours, take part in their school PTA, lending a hand in community gardening, helping out with youth sports teams, joining a local befriending service, or pledging to run charity races. There are plenty more ideas at the Volunteering Wales website.

our voluntree

Some of our staff hang their pledges to our 'Voluntree'.

Vol10 pledge form

That's all we need!