Your voice matters


Who are we?

We are residents who are keen to share our views and shape the services Melin provides. So far our membership is 165 strong and our opinions have already made an impact on the way services are provided and the way residents are told about those services. By being part of this group, you can make a positive difference simply by telling Melin your opinions.

What we do

Most members are online and answer surveys sent out by email. They take a couple of minutes to answer and you can choose which ones you take part in, so if there is something that particularly interests you, then you can genuinely make a difference by being part of the conversation.

There are also three focus groups which people can join, which mean meeting regularly at Melin HQ in Pontypool.

They are:

  • The Community Group – meet monthly with the Communities Team to plan and fund neighbourhood events
  • The Disability Group – members of 100 Voices who have experience of disability and want to improve the lives of residents with disabilities. They meet every two months.
  • The Customer Service Group – They scrutinise the service that Melin provides and give recommendations on service improvement. They meet when required to get reports completed.

The story so far

People who have either joined the groups or answered surveys online have already given us a great deal of help to make our services the best they can be. Here are some of the areas influenced by you;

  • You said our VfM document was too wordy and difficult to understand
  • We used illustrations and tables and streamlined the text to make it easier to read.

Planned Maintenance review

  • You said you wanted to be kept up to date with each stage of the process for fitting new kitchens and bathrooms
  • We now send you the schedule of work involved months in advance, so you can plan around it.

National housing priorities

  • Your influence is far reaching as members of the group told us what was important to you. You said landlords in Wales should listen and act on tenants’ views where possible as well as investigate ways to help the more vulnerable
  • We fed your views back to Welsh Government through the Tenant Participation Advisory Service

Coming soon…

In the coming months the group will be asked for views on:

  • How we communicate to residents about service charges
  • The fixtures and fittings offered in kitchen replacements
  • Rubbish removal and recycling
  • Youth participation

To be part of the conversation and become one of our voices; email the chair Natalie Gardner at