Keeping your home in tip top condition is really important to us and we know it is to you as well. That's why, we are always improving our homes and have an ongoing programme of work for all of our 3,800 homes. We continually check the work of our contractors to make sure that it’s of the highest quality.

If you are concerned about asbestos in your home, we have an information page with advice, dos and don'ts and our asbestos policy to help you stay safe.

Report a repair

If things do go wrong just let us know. There are a few ways to report a repair.

Log in to your account on the site.

By email:

By phone: Call us on 01495 745910 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)

By text: Send us a text including your house number, post code and a brief description of the problem to 07860 027935

Out of hours, emergency only: 01495 325333 (You will be charged for any call out which is not a true emergency)

You can also send us a message via Facebook or Twitter.

Report gas leaks immediately to Transco on 0800 111999.

Types of repairs

Emergency: An emergency repair is a problem that is likely to cause danger to health or serious damage to your home, eg flooding, electrical failure or full central heating break down in severe weather (October to March).We will make it safe the same day, and carry out any further work during normal working hours.

Urgent: An urgent repair would be something like a leaking toilet or a lack of hot water. We will complete urgent repairs within seven calendar days.

Routine:  A routine repair is something that is not likely to cause any damage to your home or effect your health, eg blocked gutters or kitchen repairs. We will complete routine repairs within 28 days.

Common questions

Q. Will you come and change my lightbulb?
A. We only change lightbulbs in communal areas.

Q. What do I do if my sink or toilet is blocked?
A. We will usually ask you to try sink/toilet unblocker first to see if it can be fixed. If not then we will attend, however if we visit you and the problem has been caused by food, hair, wet wipes etc then you may be charged for the cost of the call out.

Want to change things in your home?

Run it past us if you want to do any hard landscaping in your garden such as putting in a patio or walls in your garden. Inside if you are thinking of putting in a new bath, sink or toilet or new kitchen units you need to get in touch with us first.

Give us a ring on 01495 745910 or email and tell us what you are hoping to change and we can tell you if it's possible or send a surveyor round to give you some advice on the best solution to any problems with your plans.

Physical adaptation grants

If your level of mobility changes, we may be able to help you stay in your home safely with Physical Adaptation Grants provided by Welsh Government. This funding can help to fund bathroom adaptations, stair lifts, ramps and rails etc.

To be eligible for the grant you would need to give us a written referral from an Occupational Therapist (OT) outlining the adaptations that you require.

You can register your details for an OT assessment by calling one of the following numbers depending on where you live:

Newport – 01633 656656
Torfaen – 01495 762200
Powys – 01597 827633
Monmouthshire – 01873 735885
Blaenau Gwent – 01495 354658

When we receive the recommendations from your OT, we will help to do all the paperwork involved with the grant and our surveyors will carry out an assessment. Some larger adaptations will require Welsh Government approval which may mean that the job takes longer to complete.

New windows & doors

We will replace your windows and doors as part of a rolling programme of maintenance on our properties. 

When it is time to replace your windows and doors, this information should be useful to you and answer any questions that you may have.


1. We will write to you with details of the contractor who will be fitting the windows and doors.

2. Within 14 days our contractor will phone you to make an appointment to survey your property.

3. Within 7 days a letter will be sent confirming your surveyor appointment.

4. After the survey takes place, we will write you within 4 months to give you an appointment time to fit the windows and doors, this appointment will then be within 14 days.

6. One week after we finish you may receive a follow up satisfaction survey.

What you need to do to help

We’ll always aim to keep disruption to a minimum when we carry out work in your home. If you have any specific needs or requirements, please let us know when we undertake the survey.

We also need you to:

• Allow us into your home on the agreed date and time for the survey and installation and fitting appointment.
• Check the ID of anyone calling to your home.
• Make sure we have clear access to all windows and doors.
• Pack away valuable and personal items.
• Keep animals and children out of harm’s way.
• Let us know if you have any concerns.

How long will it take?

We can usually fit all your windows and doors in one day, sometimes it may take longer if you live in a larger home. We will tell you when we carry out the survey how long we expect the installation to last.

Sometimes we may need to bring other surveyors in to look for things like asbestos or safe ways of working. If we need to do this, we will explain everything that is going to happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need an asbestos survey?

Melin has a legal duty to protect our staff and our residents. If your house was built before 2000, then we are under a legal duty to check for the presence of asbestos in the areas where we work. We can’t fit your windows or doors unless we have assurance that there is no asbestos present.

2. What choice do I have about my new windows and doors?

You can tell the surveyor which colour you want your new front door to be. However, all back doors will be white. Your windows will usually be white uPVC, but some of our properties have windows of other colours or even wooden windows. Your surveyor will explain further if we plan to install anything other than white windows when we undertake the survey.

3. Can I pick different glass or chose different options for my windows and doors?

Unfortunately, the only thing you can choose is the colour of your new front door.

4. What do I do with my dog when you are working in my property?

All animals must be kept away from the areas in which we are working. You are responsible for keeping dogs under control when we are in your home. We suggest that dogs are kept in a separate room for their safety.

5. Why do I need to move my blinds?

Most blinds are fixed into or close to the windows, for us to carry out the work they will need to be removed. They also need to be removed to avoid getting damaged during the installation process.

6. Why does an adult need to be present?

It is a legal requirement for an adult to be present in order for our surveyors to enter your home. Without an adult present, we will be unable to carry out any work and will have to reschedule your appointment.

General information

If you need to contact us to discuss your new windows and doors, or have any other concerns while work is taking place, please contact us on:

Phone: 01495 745910
Text: 027935 07860

You can also send us a message on Twitter or Facebook (search @MelinHomes) or use the live chat on our website.

Our office opening hours are:

Monday to Thursday: 8am – 6pm.
Friday: 8am – 5pm.

For a large print version of this leaflet please call 01495 745910 or email