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What we do

What we do

We are proud to be a diverse business where we put our people and residents first.

We were the first housing association in Wales to achieve the Quality in Equality & Diversity Award. Tai Pawb’s QED Award is a comprehensive, Wales specific accreditation and framework for reviewing and improving the equality and diversity impact of your organisation across governance, services, access, involvement and culture.

We take our commitment to EDI very seriously so we are pioneering Tai Pawb’s pilot Quality in Equality and Diversity Leaders Award (QEDL). We are prepared to stretch ourselves at Melin to ensure that we not only have policies in place but our communities and people feel the impact of our EDI progress as we create a culture were diversity is promoted and inclusion is embedded.

We have signed the Deeds Not Words Pledge – to end racial inequality in housing and we are constantly working towards our action plans to bring this to fruition.

We have also signed the Zero Racism Wales pledge which calls on all organisations and individuals to promote racial harmony and equity.

We have a dedicated and passionate Equality, Diversity & Inclusion group, including board members and residents, with everyone championing this within the organisation.

Our gender pay gap is zero, pay transparency is an important driver of equality. Our commitment to pay transparency can also be demonstrated by the CEO Pay Transparency report on our Publications page.

We are actively working to increase diversity across our board and work force. The society in which we live and work is not made up of one gender, one race or one age group, and the areas that we live and work in are made of many varied different and distinct. The more diverse voices represented in our workforce, the deeper the level of understanding we will have of a wider variety of our residents and the communities within which they live.

As part of our cultural commitment, we welcome applications from all backgrounds and sections of the community.

See our staff newsletter

Our ED&I group run a monthly newsletter sent to our staff with news, dates to remember, and training courses all are welcome to attend. You can see highlights of each month from April 2024 on our ED&I newsletter round-up page.