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Gas, fire and electrical safety

Safety and compliance – Keeping you safe in your home

We have dedicated teams across Melin who cover all areas that are governed by regulations and legislation.

We employ staff and contractors to carry out tests and servicing in communal areas. This is to keep you safe.

Gas safety checks

We are legally required to carry out a gas safety check every 12 months.

This helps to keep you, your family and neighbours safe and ensures your appliances are working efficiently.

We’ll get in touch when yours is due, you can then arrange an appointment for us to come out and check it all over for free. It is really important to keep your appointment with us as it helps keep you and your family safe.

If for any reason you need to rearrange the appointment you booked with us, please give us as much notice as possible, as your gas safety certificate is only valid for 12 months from the date of your last gas safety check.

When we have completed your gas safety check we will either email or post your certificate.

Please do not tamper with the gas pipes in your home, report any issues to us.

Electrical testing

We have a legal obligation to ensure the electrical installation in your property is safe.

It is recommended best practice that an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is carried out every five years, this helps to keep you, your family and neighbours safe.

The test can take between two and four hours to complete, we will check to make sure there is no deterioration to cabling or to any switches or sockets.

We will replace any broken accessories and repair any faults that we may find, this is to make sure that your home is safe for continued use.

We will also check to see if your smoke detectors are present and are in working order.

You will receive a letter from us when it’s time for your electrical test to be carried out. Get in touch with us when you receive this letter to book your appointment. If for any reason you need to rearrange the appointment you booked, please give us as much notice as possible.

We test all our electrical equipment in communal areas, this can be small stairways with just a few lights to our larger sheltered communal areas. This is makes sure that all our buildings are well maintained and safe for use.

Please do not tamper with the electricity in your home, report any issues to us.

Fire safety

What we do – in blocks of flats, communal areas and sheltered schemes:

  • Carry out fire risk assessments.
  • Service and maintain fire safety equipment – where supplied.
  • Maintain walls, floors and doors to fire safety standards.
  • Work with Fire & Rescue services to make sure that we maintain the correct level of fire management standards.

What is your responsibility?

  • Keep all communal areas clear of your belongings and obstruction free as these could present a fire hazard or obstruct evacuation in the event of an emergency.
  • Please do not tamper with any fire safety equipment.
  • Please do not remove door closure devices on fire doors or wedge fire doors open.
  • Please do not knock holes in walls, floors or ceilings.
  • Please do not tamper with sprinklers within your home or communal areas.
  • Report repairs to your home or communal areas promptly to help keep you safe.

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