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Cleaning and grounds maintenance

On this page we explain what you can expect from the companies Melin employs to carry out communal cleaning, window cleaning, and keeping the grounds around your home tidy.

An illustration of a cleaning bucket and mop

Our communal cleaning contracts

Our commercial cleaners have a rota in place for our schemes and estates, so visits will be varied but while the cleaners visit they will:

  • clean the entrance.
  • vacuum all carpeted floor areas.
  • sweep and mop all hard floor areas.
  • dust all banister rails, skirtings, and ledges.
  • spot-clean finger marks off internal glass.
An illustration of a window being cleaned

Our window cleaning contracts

We have a mandatory responsibility to provide a basic window cleaning service.

The contract we have in place for window cleaning states that the outside of the windows will be cleaned quarterly. A service over and above this would incur additional fees. If this is something you require please contact to discuss further.

The window frames, reveals and sills will be cleaned once a year.

Our contractors use purified water.

To prevent the contents of your house from getting wet, they cannot clean if the windows are left open.

Please note that due to the equipment they use they are not able to squeegee the windows after washing them.

An illustration of a tree

A guide to grounds maintenance contracts

We employ other companies to carry out some work around our estates. Below you will find information to explain what our grounds maintenance contractors are expected to do.

Grass and shrubs
  • Grass is cut fortnightly between 1st March and 31st October.
  • Grass cuttings will be cleared from paths but will not be collected as this is not part of the contract.
  • Litter is picked and weeds are sprayed around the building monthly.
  • Shrubs are pruned and hedges/trees are tidied up once a year (sometime between October and February).
  • Leaf collection is not part of the contract. They will be cleared from pathways but will not be removed from site.
Moss and algae

Site surveys are carried out to identify areas that require moss and algae treatment. We have an annual treatment plan in place.

Melin covers the cost of this service.


Site assessments have identified which sites require gritting. A site map has been created to highlight these areas and it has been shared with our contractor.

Grit bins that belong to Melin are filled as and when required. Not all grit bins belong to Melin as some areas have been adopted by the local authority, so the bins belong to them.

Tree management

Independent tree surveys are arranged every three years where a tree specialist will identify any high priority work that needs to be carried out. Work on those trees will then be arranged.

Some trees have a Tree Protection Order (TPO). If works are required on these, we must apply to the local authority for permission to carry out works.

Any branches overhanging boundary lines belonging to Melin can be cut to the boundary line. Melin covers the cost of this service. Please contact us before felling any trees.