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Home improvement and decorating

An illustration of a roller painting a wall

Making changes to your home

Any work that involves physical changes to the structure, fixtures or fittings of the property will require our permission.

Other things that will require our approval

  • Fitting a satellite dish if it is to be sited externally on a block of two or more flats, and if there is already one fitted (as Local Authority Planning will only permit one receiver for the building, but no more);
  • External decoration;
  • Installing fencing or boundary walls and gates;
  • Installing a patio;
  • Building a garage;
  • Installing a shed or greenhouse;
  • Timber or other decking.

Changes that don’t require approval

Some things won’t require our permission. These include:

  • Fitting a water meter.
  • Small scale garden work, as long as there is no electrical work, structural changes or the use of water.
  • Decoration or soft furnishings such as curtains or blinds.

You are welcome to make your home your own by painting, wallpapering or adding soft furnishings. Some of our older properties may contain asbestos, which is harmless if it isn’t disturbed.

If you decide to decorate

If you are decorating your home please make sure you:

  • Soak any wallpaper before removing it. If possible, use a steam stripper and then gently peel away the paper before redecorating
  • Don’t drill, sand, saw or disturb any asbestos-containing materials which are in good condition.
  • Don’t carry out any DIY work on any part of your home which you think may contain asbestos. Seek advice from us first.
  • Don’t try to remove textured coatings (Artex) from ceilings or walls. Wash any areas of flaking paint before repainting.
  • Carpeting, vinyl or laminate flooring. Please do not try to remove old floor tiles or linoleum. Leave them in place and lay new floor coverings over them.
    (Please remember you will need to arrange for doors to be eased if they won’t close as we don’t provide this service.)
  • Changing light bulbs, bath plugs, shower curtains or toilet seats.
  • Fitting white goods, such as a tumble dryer, as long as connections to services are already available.
  • Installation of a BT telephone line or cable TV.

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