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Consulting with you

Long-term agreements

Melin will consult you if we enter into a long-term agreement to cover things like grass cutting or cleaning services. These agreements will last for more than 12 months and would cost you more than £100 per annum.

Major works

We will consult you before we start any major works, maintenance or improvements for which you are required to contribute. If the work will cost more than £250 for any one flat within your block, we will consult you.

Melin must get at least two estimates or quotes for the proposed works, one of which must be from an outside contractor. You will be supplied with a written notice containing a specification (or summary) of the works, together with estimated costs.

The notice must ask for your written comments by a specified date, at least one month from the date the notice was served. Melin must consider your views before carrying out the works, but we will make the final decision. Works cannot start before the one-month consultation period has expired, unless they are urgent.

If we fail to consult you

If Melin fails to formally consult you in the manner outlined above, any sums over the £250 limit cannot be charged.

In an emergency, or where circumstances are beyond Melin’s control, we may not be able to formally consult you about the work, but every effort will be made to keep you informed about the cost. Melin’s actions must be reasonable and proportionate and can be challenged in a Leasehold Valuation Tribunal if you feel we have not acted correctly.

Work carried out must be to a reasonable standard. If you are unhappy with the standard of the work, you should contact Melin whilst the work is still being carried out or as soon as they have been completed.