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Independent Living

Our Independent Living team manages many properties across Torfaen, Monmouthshire, Newport, Blaenau Gwent and south Powys.

These are designed for single people and couples aged 55 and over, for those with continuing health care needs, or for residents who need some additional support. We also have three extra care schemes designed to meet residents’ changing care and support needs.

Independent Living apartments, studios and bungalows are an ideal housing option for those who seek an environment which is tailored to their individual needs but wish to retain their independence.

Lianne, our Independent Living Co-ordinator’s experience

“I am the Independent Living Co-ordinator at Tŷ George Lansbury in Croesyceiliog. I’ve managed the scheme here for Melin for the last four and a half years. As it’s an extra care scheme I work closely with the on-site care provider, Radis.

“My daily tasks involve doing my morning calls – checking on my residents, looking after the building, carrying out safety checks and reporting any repairs, carrying out pre-tenancy visits, scheme viewings, sign-ups, dealing with any tenancy management issues and making lots of tea and coffee!”

The highlight of my job is probably organising activities and seeing the residents enjoying themselves as a result of the work I have put in.

Lianne Goodall, Independent Living Co-ordinator — Melin Homes

Liz, one of our Scheme Managers says about her job

“I am responsible for letting properties, and monitoring and addressing issues relating to the general conduct of tenancies. I work with other agencies to ensure our residents remain as independent as possible within their home, these agencies range from social services, occupational therapists, fire service and community connectors to name a few.

“I also work closely with the residents, our Communities Team and other scheme managers to promote resident participation in community events held at the scheme, which help to combat loneliness and isolation.“

One of the things I love about my job is seeing the difference you can make to someone’s life by ensuring they have the correct support if needed and helping them remain as independent as possible within their home and the difference this makes to their wellbeing.

Liz Hughes, Independent Living Scheme Manager — Melin Homes

What our residents say

When I first arrived here my husband wasn’t sure about the move but the residents were so neighbourly and friendly, he said we should’ve moved here sooner.


Knowing there is someone there and you are not alone is reassuring. When we were thinking about moving, I said to my husband ‘if it’s one long corridor I am not going’, but I have my own front door which makes a tremendous difference to me. We aren’t in and out of each other’s houses all the time, but there is always someone there if you need them.