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Buying white goods

An illustration of a washing machine

When moving into a new home, one of our biggest costs is purchasing ‘white goods’ such as a fridge, freezer and washing machine.

To help manage these costs, there are number of useful tips to bear in mind when purchasing white goods:

Tips for buying white goods

Charity shops and buying second-hand

Charity shops and reputable second-hand traders can be a great way of purchasing cheaper white goods. When buying second hand, make sure that the item you’re purchasing has been tested for electrical safety. You should ask if the item has a warranty/guarantee and what the returns policy is.

Go online and compare prices

You will often see the same model of white goods for sale at different retailers, at different prices. Spending some time to research this online can save you money.

You should compare costs even when stores have sales and promotions (e.g. Black Friday) as they may still not be the cheapest option. Research suggests that winter is usually the cheapest time to purchase white goods.

Search for discount codes and cashback offers

Sometimes doing a Google search for discount codes will help you to get money off your purchase at certain retailers. There are also retailers that partner with cashback platforms, so if you can get a percentage of the cost of your white goods back into your cashback account.

Certain banks also have cashback promotions, so check if your current account has a cashback deal with a white goods retailer.

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