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Can’t pay rent?

Rent is one of your most important bills to pay. It is essential that all residents pay rent on time as this allows Melin to care for the communities we serve; to maintain and repair properties and provide essential services for our residents. Melin is a not-for-profit organisation and rent is our primary source of income.

We know that sometimes you can encounter difficulties with paying rent for a number of reasons outside of your control. The most important thing is to contact us immediately if you think you will find it difficult to pay your rent. The sooner you get in touch, the sooner we can help you.

If you are struggling

We don’t want you to suffer in silence. Our friendly Income Officers are on hand to help you and we will treat your case with compassion and confidence. We can help you to manage your rent and work with you to come up with a way forward if you are struggling to pay.

We also offer a range of advice and support relating to money matters, including benefits, energy bills and employment. Our Melin Advice team can help you to get better control of your finances more generally and also help you with the world of work.

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