Digital advice

Getting online is for everyone

We are committed to making sure every resident has the chance to be connected to the internet. Getting online can be a gateway to the wider world and the best way to access all the services available. Getting online can:

  • Allow you to fully access the benefits you are entitled to such as Universal Credit;
  • Save you money by comparing prices on energy, insurance or shopping;
  • Help you learn, with a whole world of information at your fingertips;
  • Stay in touch with friends near and far as well as keep up to date with what’s happening in your local community;
  • It's convenient. You could order your shopping online and have it delivered to your door, order your car tax online or even book a doctor's appointment.

Do you know someone who is struggling to get online?

Then email or speak to our Advice team on 01495 745910. They can help any resident get online, give impartial advice on affordable broadband, devices and deals to make it as easy as possible. Once set up they can help with setting up an email, online shopping and banking and other ways to access services online.