Moving on

If the time comes that you want to move on, there are a couple of things you should know.

You need to give us four weeks’ notice to end your tenancy. The notice starts on the Monday after we have received your request. To end your tenancy, print off the end of tenancy form, fill it in, sign it and send it to us.

Once you have told us that you wish to end your tenancy, your Maintenance Officer will visit you. We do this so that you have the chance to ask any questions about your move.

Find out at the bottom of this page how you can get £150 for being an excellent tenant through our golden handshake scheme.

What happens if there is damage to the property?

When you moved in, your home was in good shape and we expect it to be left that way for the next residents. Your maintenance officer will discuss any items that may need attention during their visit. You may be charged if there is any damage found.

What if I owe money to Melin?

We will do all we can to help you clear any debt by offering you a referral to our Money Advice team. But if you make no effort to pay we will make every effort to retrieve the debt and will give an unsatisfactory reference to any enquiry from future landlords.

What if I leave before the agreed date?

If you want to return your keys early and we are able to re-let your home before the end date of your notice period, you will not have to pay any rent after the date that the new tenancy starts.

However, if you don't return your keys until after the agreed tenancy end date, you will be charged a week's rent and this will continue until we are in a position to take back the property.

Can I leave items at the property when I move?

No. When you go all your belongings and furnishings should be removed. The only time you will be able to leave items is when it is felt that the incoming resident would benefit from them and it has been agreed with us. We will dispose of anything left at the property and you will be charged for the costs of removing these items. We offer £150 cash back to excellent tenants when you end your tenancy. Find out more about our golden handshake scheme.

The Melin Golden Handshake

You could receive £150 in cashback after your tenancy ends if you:

  • Give us four weeks’ notice that you are ending your tenancy;
  • Allow our surveyors to carry out a property inspection.
  • Carry out any work identified by the surveyors before leaving;
  • Pay any money that is owed to us;
  • Return your keys to us by the agreed date;
  • Make sure your house, garden, shed and attic are clean.

Once this is all done, you will receive £150