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Improving how we receive feedback

Written by / 13th September, 2017 / Corporate, Residents

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In April 2016, we launched TPTracker, a system to improve the way we get feedback from our residents about our services. These include the things that matter most to our residents; such as repairs, planned works, gas service or getting into work or training with Melin Works.

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Reading Melin News online

Written by / 9th August, 2017

We’ve had more people signing up to receive Melin News via email to read online, so we’ve created this helpful guide for how to best read Melin News through

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Melin News Summer 2017 - out now!

Written by / 18th July, 2017 / Magazine

Summer Melin News

Our summer issue of Melin News has been posted out to our residents and is now available to view online. In this issue: Celebrating 10 years - see how you have helped make your neighbourhood a great place to live. Plus, Fit and Fed - we took part in a project to make sure children in our communities are 'fit and fed' and, Universal Credit - We explain the big changes from this July.

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How did you do in the quiz?

Written by / 19th June, 2017 / Communities, Magazine, Residents

How did you do in the quiz?

Check your answers to the spring Melin quiz!

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