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Ever wanted a sheltered home in Ebbw Vale?

Written by / 20th February, 2019 / Communities, Residents, Sites

front of llys ebwy

This sheltered flat has just come back onto the rental market.

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Supporting Eden Gate

Written by / 22nd January, 2019 / Communities, Partners, Staff

Supporting Eden Gate

Chief Executive, Paula Kennedy and members of our Residents' Panel presented Eden Gate with a cheque today, for £3236.64.

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Foodbank Christmas Opening Times

Written by / 5th December, 2018 / Communities

The Trussel Trust logo

If you’re struggling for money to buy food, foodbanks provide emergency food during crisis situations such as redundancy, benefit delays or receiving an unexpected bill. If you are looking to visit a foodbank over the festive period, we have listed all the opening hours for the following local areas.

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Sheltered scheme open day

Written by / 29th October, 2018 / Communities, Residents

Open day

Like this view? It’s pretty nice isn’t it?

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Lest we forget

Written by / 29th October, 2018 / Communities, Partners

war memorabilia

Do you know what bully beef is? Or who the Brylcreem Boys were?

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