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Lockdown Legend

When Peter Hill saw a ‘heart-tearing’ message on a Covid-19 Facebook support group he had to help. His story is proof that kindness is contagious

Written by Sam

18 May, 2020

peter the lockdown legend

When Peter saw a ‘heart-tearing’ message on a Covid-19 Facebook support group he had to help.

The message was from the parent of an Intensive Care Unit nurse working at the Royal Gwent who said his daughter was working 12 to 14 hour shifts unable to take proper breaks only stopping for quick snacks to sustain her.

Peter said: ”I showed this to my wife and we decided to make a personal contribution. We went to a supermarket (before restrictions) and purchased drinks and snacks for the ICU. We took these to the hospital, taking a photo of the car full of goodies. After posting these pictures, I started getting messages from others wishing to donate.”

Peter’s good deeds started a ripple through the community with others eager to help.

He also wrote to supermarkets asking for essentials for patients in hospital that visitors would usually bring in from toiletries to bedware and snacks. One supermarket responded, Peter posted photos on Facebook and again more generous people wanted to make donations.

At Easter Peter and a lady called Claire (who was also keen to help) collected more than 250 Easter eggs and delivered them to care homes and hospitals.

Peter added: “Recently, towards the end of April, I noticed others were now doing much the same as I was. Therefore, I made contact with them. Now, there is a team, coordinated by Justine. In the team, there are seven or eight drivers.

"Therefore, I no longer have to cover the whole of Newport. I cover Caerleon, Beechwood, St Julians, Riverside, Maindee, Chepstow and Corporation Roads, and Lliswerry etc. We are all collecting and distributing to the hospitals and care homes.”

Peter says they are ‘collecting from the community for those who care for our community’. He really is a Lockdown Legend and his story proves that kindness is contagious.

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