Are you winter ready?

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19th September, 2017

Are you winter ready? As the cold weather starts approaching, there’s a few things you can do to catch any issues early and prepare you for the winter:

1. Check your boiler is working properly – if you haven’t had your heating on all summer, switch it back on and make sure the heating comes on. If your boiler doesn’t seem to be working, contact us and we can send someone out to you before the weather changes.

2. Check your radiators are all working – when you test your heating, check that your radiators are getting hot from top to bottom in every room. If there’s any issues with them heating up, or you notice a leak, give us a call to arrange a repair. If any of your radiators aren’t getting warm at the top, you just need to bleed the radiators. You can find out how to bleed a radiator by watching a video from Worcester Bosch just click this link.

3. Check your gutters are clear – blocked drains and gutters can cause property damage when it starts raining heavily. Give us a call and we can arrange to send someone out to take a look.

4. Check your energy bills and considering switching energy suppliers. There’s no disruption in service; all that happens is that your money goes to a different company when you pay your bill.  There are lots of website that will search for the best deal including U Switch. If you're struggling with energy bills and need some free energy advice and a home energy health check contact our energy team by email or text 07781472210 or call 01495 745910, quoting 'energy'.

5. Those chilly winter breezes can find their way through the nooks and crannies of your home. Why not get one of those funny draught excluders shaped like a snake or a dog.

and lastly

6. Stay wrapped up and stock up on hot drinks and chocolate! 

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