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Did you enter our last quiz competition? Check your answers here... Don't worry if you missed the last quiz, there's a new one in the latest issue of Melin News, send your answers in for a chance to win £25 in high street vouchers.

Written by Valentino

06 May, 2016

Quiz Answers

In the last issue of Melin News, we included a quiz prepared by Newport resident Bill Fouweather. The response was fantastic so well done and thank you to everyone who took part. Unfortunately, there can only be one winner and we would like to congratulate Lisa Roberts from Goytre!

See how you did by checking your answers below:

  1. Q. What is the capital city of Portugal? A. Lisbon
  2. Q. Who wrote the novel Black Beauty? A. Anna Sewell
  3. Q. How many children did Queen Victoria have? A. Nine
  4. Q. What is a baby hare called? A. a Leveret
  5. Q. What alcoholic drink is made from pomegranates? A. Grenadine
  6. Q. In terms of the most Oscars won, what is the most successful musical of all time? A. West Side Story
  7. Q. What is Elton John's middle name? A. Hercules
  8. Q. In what year did Cardiff become the capital city of Wales? A. 1955
  9. Q. Which country won the first Rugby Union World Cup in 1987? A. New Zealand
  10. Q. Which former British Prime Minister's hobby was flower arranging? A. Sir Alec Douglas-Home
  11. Q. What is the collective name for a) An ... of larks b) A ... of rhinos? A. a) exaltation b) crash
  12. Q. What is the square root of 121? A. 11
  13. Q. Who holds the record for the most appearances at the London Palladium? A. Bruce Forsyth
  14. Q. What was the original name of Arsenal underground station? A. Gillespie Road
  15. Q. Joyeux Noel means Merry Christmas in which language? A. French

If you missed this quiz, don’t panic! We have another one in our new issue of Melin News, so whether you want to improve on your last score or try your luck for the first time, send in your answers and you could win £25 worth of high street vouchers. You can post your answers to Melin News Quiz, Ty Felin, Lower Mill Field, Pontypool, Torfaen, NP4 OXJ or email them to us. We'll announce the winner in the next issue.

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