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Goodbye Mark!

We said a fond farewell to our Chief Executive Mark Gardner last week.

Written by Marcus

25 Oct, 2016

After 21 years, we said a fond farewell to Mark Gardner last week. He has overseen some tremendous changes during his time and it’s testament to his strong leadership how he has managed such change from one computer and a handful of staff to the organisation that Melin is today.

Having steered us through a successful merger, we began as Melin in 2007 and now have over 250 staff and 4000 homes. Mark has been an excellent ambassador and figurehead for Melin and forged successful partnerships after devolution in Wales, most notably in the areas of health as well as more obvious areas as housing. The bringing together of the board, the shareholders, the residents’ panel and outside stakeholders is another milestone in his time here. The fact that Mark himself has said that he can leave Melin and it very much be ‘business as usual’ highlights his skills as a team builder and leader. Thank you Mark, you got a friend in us at Melin!

Mark said to residents recently; “Leaving Melin was a very difficult decision for me to make because it’s been such a big part of my life and career, but the time has come to take on a new challenge. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Residents’ Panel, our residents, the Board and staff team who together make this a very special place to work.”

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