Improving how we receive feedback

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13th September, 2017

Woman reading her phone In April 2016, we launched TPTracker, a system to improve the way we get feedback from our residents about our services. These include the things that matter most to our residents; such as repairs, planned works, gas service or getting into work or training with Melin Works.

TPTracker was put in place to measure how satisfied residents are with these services, but it also means we can respond quickly and efficiently to feedback. We know this will mean residents will have greater confidence in how we deal with their feedback.

Previously we had a poor return rate from our surveys, this was mainly down to the fact it was done via post. TPTracker uses email and SMS, which means a better return rate and more feedback from our residents. This has resulted in real improvement to satisfaction with services over the last month. Now we know more about the quality of service we provide and ensure standards are maintained.

We were recently audited by Arena Partnerships who have developed TPTracker to see how we were doing 12 months into using the system. Arena Partnerships said that we were a best practice example and wanted to complete a case study on how we have done.

The best practice case study link on our website can be found on this pdf.

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