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Inspirational Voice

We would like to thank our Voices group member Liz for some feedback that she gave us recently. It was great to hear her inspirational story and what being a part of the group has meant to her.

Written by Sam

05 Feb, 2024

Photo of Liz smiling in her wheelchair

Thanks for sharing

Born with Athetoid Cerebral Palsy, her parents were told that she ’would find life difficult‘, but she added ”I was brought up learning right from wrong and how to live my life making my own mistakes and how to rectify them.“

She went through school and got good grades, met people from all walks of life and sat on many committees.

Last year she was invited to join The Voices focus group, she said she thought it would be a one off, but she said the meetings have given her chance to share her experiences of life.

I've attended quite a few meetings, which has given me something to aim for and I have really enjoyed the training sessions (including recent data protection training) working with a team of people that liked to know what life was like from someone in a wheelchair, and I have been given the chance to put my input forward.

Liz Davies — Voices group member

A compliment from Liz

Liz also praised our Customer Contact and Maintenance teams who quickly fixed a problem with her door, saying “it gave me peace of mind and I would like to pass my thanks to all Melin workers I see, they are great and helpful”.

Thank you Liz for all your feedback in our Voices meetings, all of the group’s opinions are helping us continue to improve our services.

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