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Melin's gender pay gap - 2023/24 update

At Melin, we are proud of our record on equality, diversity and inclusion. However, we know there is more to do and we continuously strive to make our organisation more equitable. A key part of this is monitoring our gender pay gap...

Written by Will

22 Apr, 2024

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The gender pay gap is the difference in average earnings between men and women. In the UK, companies with 250 or more employees must report their gender pay gap each April. Even though our team is smaller than that, we choose to share our figures to show our dedication to workplace equality and monitor it monthly at Melin.

As of February 2024, our median gender pay gap was 0%, while our mean gender pay gap was 1.41%.

The median value is the middle number when a set of numbers is sorted in order, while the mean value is the average of a set of numbers. In gender pay reporting, the median value is more significant because it isn't as affected by outliers at the higher or lower end of pay scales.

Since April 2023, our median gender pay gap has been 0% (down from 0.42% in February 2023), and our mean gender pay gap has decreased from 4.93% in February 2023.

This information gives us insight into how male and female employees are distributed across the different pay bands at Melin. This allows us to pinpoint any imbalances and take action to correct them. For instance, we know that in certain pay bands, women are underrepresented due to our skilled trade roles, which fall in these pay bands, being performed solely by men.

Nevertheless, we're in a strong position regarding gender pay. A small or zero gap demonstrates a ‘deeds not words’ approach to equality in our organisation and helps us to attract more job applicants. It puts us in the right place to represent the communities which we serve, attract the best talent and to be the change we want to see in society.

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