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More Board appointments made in planned merger

As we continue to plan our merger with Newport City Homes, we’re pleased to announce some further appointments to the Interim Board.

Written by Will

19 Jun, 2024

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The new organisation will be served by a ‘Unitary Board’ – with both executive and non-executive members.

Paula Kennedy, as CEO Designate, will sit on the Board, along with the Executive Director of Resources (to be appointed).

Following the recent announcement of Lynda Sagona as Chair Designate, and Martin Reed as Vice Chair Designate, the process began for the other non-executive members from within the existing Melin and Newport City Homes (NCH) Boards.

We’d now like to welcome the following new members:

  • Mike Usher (from NCH Board)
  • Anthony Hearn (from Melin Board)
  • James Tarrant (from NCH Board)
  • Sarah Tipping (from Melin Board)
  • Chris Sutton (from NCH Board)
  • Claire Marshall (from Melin Board)
  • Dale Walker (from NCH Board)
  • Sanni Salisu (from Melin Board)

We’re delighted that the Interim Board will be served by such dedicated and passionate individuals, who bring with them an impressive track record.

Further information about these members can be found on the Melin and NCH websites.

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