Still supporting St David’s

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24th April, 2020

Still supporting St David's

We chose our Charity of the year to be St David’s Hospice Care for 2019 and 2020. In these difficult times we wanted to continue our support so we had to think innovatively.

Our Communications Team came up with the idea that staff could nominate our Leadership Team and Directors to complete dares. All they had to do was donate some money to our funding page, and send the dare request in. If the dare wasn’t completed the nominee would have to donate double.

We’ve had Tik Tok challenges, who can fit the most Marshmallows in their mouth, exercise battles, and the old favourite – ice bucket challenge.

This has proved to be very popular and in just two days we have raised an additional £500, our total fundraising amount is now £7,053.41.

We are continuing to dare the team, and raise more money to support this fantastic charity.

Staff have also benefitted from the fundraising idea, bringing teams together, and creating a lot of laughter. Something we think you will all agree is very welcome at the moment.

In these challenging times it has been fantastic to see the response from such a simple idea, really brining home our culture of Together We Can.

You can see some of the challenges on our Twitter page – we welcome any dares, just donate a little bit money to our funding page here.

St David’s Hospice Tweeted saying “You guys are amazing at the Tik Tok challenge and even better at raising money. Thank you so much for thinking of us – you have certainly brought a smile to all our faces with your latest challenge.”

St David’s also rent a shop from us in Pontypool, so as part of our commitment to continue our support we have agreed a three month rent-free period for them as the shop is currently closed. This equates to £3,450 which is a huge help to them and will give them an opportunity to divert funds to caring for those in need. Adrian Hadley, Deputy CEO told us “That is great news, your generosity is very much appreciated by the hospice”.

Melin’s Chief Executive Paula Kennedy said: “Now more than ever we realise just how important the work that St David’s Hospice does and we want to continue to support them at a time when most of the fundraising events that they organise just aren’t possible.”


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