Anti-social behaviour

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8th June, 2020

At the start of the Pandemic in March, Welsh Government put in place measures to protect people from eviction. This was set to last until June 25, but has now been extended to August 23.

We took an additional step and decided to stop serving Notices of Seeking Possession or NOSPs. This legal action is the first step in taking someone to court and can ultimately lead to eviction. We believed this would help all our residents feel safe with no additional pressure in these challenging times.

Unfortunately, we have seen a rise in anti-social behaviour from a very small minority of residents. In some instances this behaviour is having a very serious effect on both immediate neighbours and the wider community. As a result, we are now considering reintroducing the service of NOSPs for Anti-Social Behaviour to ensure we are doing all we can to support our residents and any others who may be suffering because of the poor behaviour of others.

To report anti-social behaviour, please use our chat facility, or email


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