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Employability Day 2023

Friday 30 June marks Employability Day and we thought it would be a great opportunity to showcase the fantastic work our Employment Team has been doing with Melin residents to help them back into work and/or training.

Written by Will

30 Jun, 2023

A young man stood in front of a car holding a driving test certificate

Aaron from the Employment Team has recently helped Monmouthshire resident Jack Pritchard achieve his long-awaited dream of obtaining his driving license. Jack was made redundant from a previous role and so we helped find employment at a local Tesco distribution centre. On the condition that Jack stayed in work, Melin provided him with support to help him pass his driver theory test, which was originally delayed due to the pandemic. We then also offered him support with driving lessons through a reputable local driving instructor.

Jack is extremely grateful for the assistance provided by Aaron. With a young child, Jack can now plan days out and visit friends and family thanks to his newfound ability to drive.

Jack expressed his appreciation, saying: “Since passing my driving test and getting on the road, getting to and from work is so much easier than relying on public transport and lifts from friends."

I now have the option to stay and do overtime or start earlier and do more hours.

Jack Pritchard — Melin resident

Meanwhile, Daf from the team has been helping a couple in Torfaen, Chad and Nicola Carr. Chad and Nicola have a young family and were keen to get back into work so that they could support their kids. Getting into work as soon as possible was a priority for them, so Daf was on hand to put a plan into action.

Chad, who has access to a vehicle, was given support by Daf to get a temporary contract as a carpenter, a role he really enjoys. Chad’s new employer was so impressed by him and his work, that he was soon offered a permanent, full-time position. Support from Melin helped Chad to get new work clothes and provide some support for food shopping, which enabled him to concentrate on getting back into work.

Nicola also followed suit with a can-do attitude. Nicola was supported to get a job in a kitchen, where she loves her job and has access to flexibility so she can do the school runs and not worry about finding childcare. She also wanted to learn to drive, so she applied for her provisional driving licence and Melin supported her with lessons and paying for the cost of the driving theory test.

The Carr family were a pleasure to work with and really appreciated Melin’s support. They said: “We honestly can't thank Daf enough for the support, chats and guidance he has given us."

Melin has been unbelievably helpful, in ways we never expected and has helped us a great deal

Chad & Nicola Carr — Melin residents

Melin is committed to helping its residents achieve their goals and improve their quality of life. Our Employment Team offers a range of employment and training opportunities to support residents and their communities. These success stories reflect our dedication to making a positive difference in people's lives.

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