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Helping those most in need

Every year we celebrate our staff and their achievements with a thank you event – this year’s theme was Time to Celebrate. Events like these are very important to us at Melin, as they give us an opportunity to bring all of our staff together which is excellent for staff engagement and the bigger picture – why we do what we do.

Written by Fiona

10 Jul, 2024

picture of staff at the event

This event focussed on what the future holds, recognising staff who have gone over and above through our ‘Housing Heroes’ awards, and a team building activity with a focus on supporting homelessness charities. Teams enjoyed a fun yet challenging array of tasks competing against each other to ‘win’ non-perishable food and essentials to fill their backpacks. We love competitive ‘forced fun’ at Melin and the challenge saw teams working together, demonstrating strong leadership skills, using excellent communication and decision making all with a worthwhile end result.

A picture of all our staff at the event

It’s all for charity

At the end of the challenge, we had 26 backpacks filled to the brim with brand new essential items and donated them to our partners at The Wallich and Llamau who help people experiencing homelessness.

Picture of staff from The Wallich collecting the backpacks
Picture of staff from The Wallich collecting the backpacks

Thank you so much for such a thoughtful, dignified donation. You can’t imagine the positive impact this will make to our service users, they will be overwhelmed that a company has taken the time to fill the backpacks with essential, new and non-perishable items and donate them. Just having a bag to keep all the belongings together will benefit people, but with the addition of toiletries and clean clothes you’ve truly made a difference.

Kath Moore — The Wallich Area Manager for Gwent, said of the donation
Picture of Llamau
Picture of Melin Homes donating the bags to Llamau

Thank you for Melin Homes’ donation of the backpacks. We are going to give them to some of the young people we support at our summer engagement festivals. A timely donation indeed!

Denise Kennedy — Corporate Partnership Manager at Llamau

Photos from the day

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