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Independent Living - independent life

We spoke to Dan from Abergavenny about what it's like to make the move into one of our sheltered schemes and the opportunities it provides to live independently in a sociable and engaging environment.

Written by Sam

16 Aug, 2022

A man playing piano

Changing the way we live as we get older can lead to big decisions. You may decide that it is time to downsize, or to be free from the rising repair costs of a former family home. You may want somewhere more manageable, a place to be able to lock up and leave for occasional weekends away with friends and family, or perhaps you may want the security of knowing a little more support is on hand should you need it.

Dan has recently moved to one of our independent living schemes and he couldn't be happier. He said he realises that he was lonely in his previous place. Music lover Dan says that where is now in Lavender Gardens, 'if you need someone, there's always someone around.'

The flat at the extra care scheme gives him 'that bit more freedom' and the opportunity to meet new people from the safety of the comfortable communal lounge and gardens.

Here you can have company when you choose to and space when you want it. There's always a chance to meet new people and I am very, very happy here.

Dan — Resident, Lavender Gardens, Abergavenny

Dan is looking forward to baking for coffee mornings and having surprised fellow residents with his musical talents, he's also hoping to play more music in the lounge.

As we left the lounge, there was singing and toes were tapping so we are looking forward to returning. Lavender Garden’s got talent!

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