Keeping your home safe this winter

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26th October, 2017

Make sure your home is winter ready If you have a problem with your electric in your home, give us a call. All we ask before calling is to check certain things including:


  • Check if it’s a complete power cut, just the lights or just the sockets that have stopped working.
  • If it’s a complete power cut – it will be a supplier issue and it would be worth checking with neighbours if their lights work.
  • If it just the lightbulbs, then seek to change the lights you were using. If changing the bulbs doesn’t work, we will need to come out and visit you.
  • If it’s the sockets, check what you were using at the time of the power cut. You will need to conduct an appliance test and unplug all devices including white goods. Then plug back in each device one by one to find the issue.
You may well be charged if you don’t carry out these checks and we have to visit you.


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