Lest we forget

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29th October, 2018

war memorabilia Neither did we, but last week residents from St Mary’s Court in Newport visited Ty George Lansbury in Cwmbran to hear about life in the trenches of World War 1 from Bruce Kilshaw from The Comrades of the Great War (Pontypool branch). Our Communities Team has given the Comrades club £150 to stage an armistice concert marking the centenary of the Great War

Bruce brought along artefacts from the war including some nasty-looking bayonets and the oldest bottle of HP Sauce we’ve ever seen. He talked about how the soldiers would have survived in the trenches eating meagre rations of bully beef (corned beef) and crackers made from flour water and salt, until supply lines opened and they were sent treats from home like HP Sauce and Johnny Walker whiskey. Residents found it really interesting and some shared their own military experiences. Kenneth Beattie from Ty George Lansbury is 98 and served in the Air Force, where the stylish men were also known as The Brylcreem Boys. He said: “We wouldn’t enjoy the freedoms we have today with the sacrifices made by the youngsters who have fought for us.”

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