Local charity TRAC2 receive a gifted van just in time for Christmas

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17th December, 2020

Staff from Melin met with Trac2 with the new van

Thanks to the community benefit clause we put into contracts, and our partnership with Robert Price we have been able to donate a van to TRAC2.

We arranged for the new graphics to be fitted to one of our lease vans and have gifted it to the TRAC2 team, who do so much work locally supporting those in need in our communities.

Sue Malson – Line Manager at TRAC2 said:

“When I arrived to collect the van donated by Melin and Robert Price I was speechless, I don’t think anyone realises what a difference this will make. We will be able to help more people, and provide a one 2 one service. Whilst our current van, Stan, has been amazing over the last eight years, he hasn’t always been reliable. We can’t wait to start using Suki – our new name for our new trusty van. Thank you to both Robert Price and Melin for their support.”

Sue spoke further about the charities work:

“I am so proud of everything we have accomplished this year. Working together we have helped provide families with beds to sleep in, cutlery to eat with, clothes to wear, gas and electric to light their homes and food to eat.
We, as a team, and as a community are relentless in our fight against poverty and will not give up. The support from local organisations like Melin and Robert Price ensures we can keep going.”

You can find out more about the work TRAC2 carries out by visiting their website.

David Pattison, Sales Director at Robert Price said:

“Since we entered into a three year partnership to supply Melin with materials in 2018, we have always fully supported their community benefit projects. This project is of particular importance to us as the work TRAC2 carry out is vital, especially now more than ever. As a major employer and supplier in the South Wales area, we believe that we should always give something back to our local community.”


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