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Meet your Community Safety Officer

Residents told us that they would like to know more about our Community Safety Officer and what they do. Here is the first of our lovely staff team to feature in 'Meet your Community Safety Officer’

Written by Fiona

30 Jun, 2023


Dylan Edwards

I am Dylan one of Melin’s Community Safety Officers and cover all the local authority areas Melin provides homes in.

Talk to me about

I help and support residents in the communities we serve , with issues such as anti-social behaviour, harassment, verbal abuse, domestic violence, safeguarding, and hate crimes. A big part of role involves supporting residents and liaising with other agencies such as the Police, social services, local authorities and victim support.

Our Community Safety Team takes a person-centered approach, engaging and working with our residents. We recognise that anti-social behaviour can be a symptom of unmet need or trauma.

Our staff are fully trained and focus ASB incidents to the behaviours, strengths and needs of all parties involved. We strongly believe that working in partnership and using early intervention with a balanced approach focusing on; education, support, prevention and legal action when required, provides a lasting solution for residents and their communities.

Job satisfaction

I love my job as it so varied and no day is the same! I love meeting and helping people, and travelling around communities.

Common questions

We get asked lots of questions around noise disturbance. A one-off noisy BBQ doesn’t count, noise disturbance must be excessive and regular. If neighbours do have a noisy one-off BBQ we recommend just having a chat with them, as they might not release the affect it is having on neighbours.

If you are being affected or disturbed by a noise nuisance caused by a Melin resident, the first thing you should do is get in touch with us through our customer contact centre. If you haven't already, our customer contact team will help you to get set up on the Noise App. We will also ask whether you have contacted the council (Environmental Health department) to report the noise disturbance.

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