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National Social Housing Safety and Compliance Week 2023

This week (6-12 November 2023) is National Social Housing Safety and Compliance Week. This is an important week for housing associations across the country as we shine the spotlight on the work we do to keep residents safe and comfortable in their homes.

Written by Will

07 Nov, 2023

A corporate graphic with the words National Social Housing Safety and Compliance Week featuring a group of office workers

This year we wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to the amazing Melin staff who work tirelessly to ensure that we have the very highest standards of safety and compliance in our homes, neighbourhoods and workplaces. Let’s meet the team…

A portrait of Ian

Ian Hall, Head of Corporate Health & Safety and Compliance

“I manage a team of health and safety professionals, and we are dedicated to ensuring the safety and compliance of Melin's homes. We're successful in keeping our organization safe and compliant, and I love the constant challenges and learning that come with the job.

“For me, health and safety/compliance means keeping people and the organization safe and providing a secure place to live and work.

“If I could have been a professional sportsman, playing rugby or squash for Wales I would have had my perfect job, the only trouble was I had the work rate but not the talent. I still enter the Welsh Masters Squash, hoping to win one day, my plan is to win once all the better players retire!”

A portrait of Kirsty

Kirsty Crosby, Compliance Team Leader

“I lead the compliance team, and my role is to maintain and monitor all standards, making sure everything is up to par. It's a fast-paced environment, and I enjoy the continuous learning and support from my colleagues.

“Health and safety/compliance means maintaining robust processes and systems, collaborating within Melin and with external contractors to ensure safety.

“Fun fact: I always wanted to be a singer, but I still enjoy belting out some tunes in the car!”

A portrait of Dan

Dan Edmunds, Technical Compliance Team Leader

“My role involves overseeing gas safety, Legionella control, and various other compliance aspects. I love keeping our contract holders safe and secure, and the role is incredibly varied.

“In my youth, I aspired to be a recording sound engineer, inspired by visits to Rockfield Recording Studio.”

A portrait of Kathryn

Kathryn Weed, Compliance Administrator

“As a Compliance Administrator, every day is different, and I'm constantly learning. I ensure systems are in place to safeguard the well-being of our contract holders and everyone at Melin.

“In another life, I would have been a Medical Examiner/Coroner or a counsellor.”

A portrait of Helen

Helen Thomas, Compliance Officer

“My role is all about maintaining compliance and ensuring contract holders' safety. It's a diverse and ever-changing field, and I enjoy making homes safe for our residents.

“In another life, I would have been a paramedic for the adrenaline rush.”

A portrait of Mike

Michael Howells, Health and Safety Advisor

“I work as a Health and Safety Advisor, focusing on keeping people safe and healthy while developing a positive culture of health and safety. I enjoy engaging with colleagues and problem-solving.

“To me, health and safety/compliance means adding value, promoting a good reputation, and reducing costs.

“Fun fact: I always wanted to be a Drayman, delivering beer, but I ended up in the sport and leisure industry.”

A portrait of Helen

Helen Minns, Health & Safety Advisor

“I'm responsible for ensuring the team's performance, staff safety, and various tasks related to health and safety. I love the challenges and continuous learning in my role.

“If I didn't work here, I'd dream of being a chat show host or running my own animal sanctuary.”

A portrait of Sarah

Sarah Williams, Compliance Advisor

“As a Compliance Advisor, I oversee equipment servicing and enjoy the interaction with contractors and contract holders. Compliance means following policies and procedures and doing things the right way.

“If I weren't in my current role, I'd have liked to be a Forensic Scientist.”

A portrait of Susan

Susan Soliman, Gas Compliance Advisor:

“I find my role challenging and different every day, and it allows me to engage with residents and identify ways Melin can help.

“My job involves ensuring gas safety and adhering to government regulations to keep people safe in their homes.

“In my youth, I dreamed of being a ballerina, and I fulfilled that dream to some extent by becoming a professional bellydancer and teacher for 25 years.”

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