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NexGen technology for heating

Read our case study on the new alternatives we’ve been trialling for environmentally friendly sources of heating our homes.

Written by Sam

09 Aug, 2023

Our staff fitting the graphene wallpaper to walls

What is NexGen heating?

It is a new heated wallpaper technology that we are trialling. It is made of graphene and is one of the measures we are exploring to provide affordable low CO2 alternatives to radiators and heat pumps to help keep residents warm. The system has been tested and verified by Swansea University.

How it works

NexGen’s Graphene Infrared Heating which looks and feels just like traditional wallpaper, can be plugged into a domestic socket, and is packaged with solar panels and a smart battery, meaning it cuts emissions to net zero while vastly lowering fuel costs. Installed on walls, ceilings or under floors, the technology is invisible to residents and provides an innovative method to warm individual rooms much more quickly, offering them the chance to manage their energy budgets more effectively.

The system, which uses a combination of far infrared and convection heat takes just two to three days to install and is much more cost-effective when compared with a heat pump.

Two of our staff fitting the wallpaper to a ceiling
Graphene wallpaper for heating homes can even be applied to ceilings.

Where we have used it

We started with a trial of the system in a room in our offices and in a void sheltered flat and then we were able to find a resident who’s prohibitively expensive energy costs meant they was keen to try the NexGen product in their home.

The benefits

Here is what our resident told us about the difference the NexGen wallpaper has made to them:

“I was approached by my housing association earlier this year [2022] to ask if I would be interested in a trial with Nexgen infrared heating. After having a horrendous winter last year using on average £15 a day to keep the house at 17 degrees I jumped at the chance!

“It was installed at the end of October/early November and if I am honest, I was sceptical! We are all made to believe heat rises, but their product is different! I have a combination of wall and ceiling mats and the difference it has made is unbelievable.

“On average I am using half the kWh compared to last year and I can easily control when and where I need the heating via the app – it takes less than 10 minutes to notice a difference in temperature! I have no need to have it above 19 degrees either, as the heat is much warmer in comparison to your normal central heating. It warms you and everything around you and the heat generally lasts much longer. Also, a major plus for me is that you cannot see it.

“It can be painted, papered and you can still hang your pictures up! I really cannot thank Nexgen enough. They have been so supportive when I have had any questions and have genuinely changed the way my home feels. Plus, they have saved me from having another winter of horrendous bills that I struggled to afford!”

My home is now constantly warm, no struggle to heat and the price difference is amazing!

Our Melin resident

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