Saving a life is all in a day’s work

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2nd June, 2021

Paula giving Nathan his award

We have introduced a new award to recognise staff who show exceptional behaviour in the communities they serve. The RISE award has been given to four members of our Maintenance team recently after they all helped save someone’s life.

Tony stopped his van to help a lady who was trapped in her smoking car following a car crash. He had to use a crow bar to get her out, and took her to safety in his van until the emergency services arrived.


Ben was out working in a Melin resident's home when they collapsed, he acted very quickly by alerting neighbours so they could help and call an ambulance, whilst he performed CPR – saving their life.

Malcolm and Nathan helped another member of staff who was choking. Malcolm noticed the member of staff was coughing and having difficulty breathing, he quickly noticed some food was stuck in their throat and used the Heimlich manoeuvre to dislodge the food. Nathan kept talking to and reassuring the staff member, checking their airways and taking them to hospital so they could be medically checked over on the recommendation of the ambulance service.


Our Chief Executive Paula Kennedy said:

“Recognising the work of staff that have gone out of their way to help others is very important to us at Melin. Malcolm, Tony, Nathan and Ben acted quickly, and very bravely putting other people first. They embody our values of making a difference, I couldn’t be any more proud of them. Situations like this highlight why it is so important to ensure our front line staff are fully trained in first aid.”


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