Welfare Reform Update: Universal Credit

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23rd November, 2016

Universal Credit (UC) is a single monthly payment for people in or out of work, which merges together some of the benefits and tax credits that you might be getting now. If you are claiming UC, then get in touch with our Money Advice Team, who are on hand to help guide you through the process and help with budgeting and finances. Email: moneyadvice@melinhomes.co.uk or call 01495 745910.

In July next year, Torfaen will be on the ‘full digital service’ for universal credit. This means residents in Torfaen will not be able to claim for the previous benefits they made have claimed and will be replaced by UC. This also means the service will be fully online; so making a claim, managing or updating a claim and communications from the DWP will be all made online. 

Don’t Bury Your head in the sand – talk to us, we don’t bite

Our Money Advice team ask you not to let money troubles loom over you, they are here to talk and help in any way they can.

The team pride themselves on being friendly and approachable – they very much want you to know that ‘we don’t bite’. They aren’t there to judge, they are there to help with welfare reform changes, budgeting, benefits, grants and other financial support. All of the team are qualified money advisors and last year the team put over £1.4m back into residents pockets alone – give them an email or call on 01495 745910.


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