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Health and wellbeing at Melin

We are passionate about health and wellbeing at Melin, our initiative Zest even has its own brand and underlies everything we do. We have been catching up with staff to find out more about what Zest means to them. First in the hot seat is Will.

Written by Fiona

03 May, 2024

A picture of staff member Will with his wife on a run

I wanted to share my positive wellbeing story and thank Zest for all that they do to promote health and wellbeing at Melin.

After turning 30 I knew that I needed to make some lifestyle changes. I am not a fitness fanatic, and, before changing my ways last year, I wasn’t really interested in dieting or anything like that. However, having Zest as a presence in my working life was the little voice I needed to help nudge me in the right direction.

A year ago, I decided to drastically reduce how much I was drinking (going out on Thursday evening and Saturdays) and that was the first big change I made. Then, last summer, I decided to embark on a low-carb diet, which has really helped to reduce my appetite, eat more healthily and probably save me a few quid as well! These two changes have helped me to lost over 2 stone of weight and feel so much better for it – no more snoring (so I’m told!) and wearing clothes that had been gathering dust in my wardrobe. Losing weight can be daunting, but I have learned that all you need to do is make the right choices (most of the time!) and let time do most of the work.

I knew that the final change would be the toughest: hitting the gym. Exercise has never been a passion of mine, but I did used to go to the gym regularly with a mate of mine at university. Reacquainting myself with the gym at Zest Fest (our annual wellbeing event) a few weeks ago was a big confidence booster, so, this month I finally bit the bullet. Using online resources, I knocked up a simple light cardio and weight-lifting workout plan and have been enjoying gym life for the last fortnight.

A picture of Will at the gym

I would like to thank Zest for the work they do to promote health lifestyles and choices and for the Zest team to know that even though I’m not a naturally Zesty individual, their work has helped me make big changes to benefit me and my family.

I’ll close with two little phrases that I think have really helped my mindset over the last year:

Doing something is better than doing nothing’ and ‘being good most of the time, is good enough.

Will Rees — Melin Homes

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