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Meet our Neighbourhood Officers

Residents told us that they would like to know more about our housing officers and what they do. Here is the first of our lovely staff team to feature in 'Meet your Neighbourhood Officers'...

Written by Sam

10 Aug, 2022

A photo of Ceri in an office

Ceri Jones

I am Ceri one of Melin's neighbourhood housing officers and cover the Newport and Powys areas.

Talk to me about...

I can help you with any general queries relating to your tenancy including general rent enquiries, parking issues, dog fouling complaints, questions and queries around moving and mutual exchanges and any other tenancy relating concerns you may have.

A big part of my role is signing people up to their new homes which I thoroughly enjoy, and it is so lovely to see people so grateful when we hand over the keys to them.

Job satisfaction...

I love my job as it so varied and not any day is the same! I enjoy going out to our sites and meeting people when I can and enjoy getting to know our residents that little bit more. I mostly talk to them over the phone, so when I do get to meet someone in person it is really great!

Common questions...

We get asked lots of questions around moving and wanting a bigger or smaller property, in these cases we always have to refer people to their local authorities to register

For example, in Newport, it’s Newport Home Options and in Powys it’s Powys County Council. Ultimately, we do not move people internally and all allocations go via the local authority.

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