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Tudalen Breifatrwydd

Annual Report 2021-22

An illustration of a Melin book with big 2022 numbers behind it

This Annual Report runs from April 2021 to March 2022 and covers the time we all started to come through the restrictions and hardship that the pandemic brought.

The Coronavirus pandemic affected our lives and those of our residents and the communities we serve in unimaginable ways, we now face a cost-of-living crisis which brings new challenges for us in helping staff and residents to access the relevant services. 

While we all take on new challenges, we have been pleased to be able to meet our residents face to face again. Making a difference to people is why we come to work, this report shows some of the ways that our teams have changed people’s lives for the better.

Thanks to your help I now regularly work overtime, I’ve paid off my arrears and have money left in my pocket for extras!

Thank you for organising this get together we have all really enjoyed it: seeing everyone smiling and laughing makes it all worthwhile.

Lyndon — a resident at Waterside

My neighbourhood officer was brilliant and made sure everything went smoothly when I moved into my new home.

The staff who answer the phone calls are always very friendly, always very helpful.

It is fantastic that Melin is so forward-thinking and willing to act to mitigate the effects of climate change, while also aiming to make fuel bills more affordable.

Thank you to Georgie for coming to see Year 6. They’ve loved their housing project.

The carpenter who came to carry out the repair was friendly and very quick at his job.

This is the start of a whole new future for me and my child.

Very stressful time to be honest, and I've always been surprised and grateful by Melin more than any other institution. Thanks for the culture you clearly have in Melin.

Everyone has been so supportive and understanding.


Summary Income & Expenditure Account



Money received



Money spent



Actuarial gain on pension



Surplus for the year





Fixed assets



Current assets (cash & debtors)



Monies received from Welsh Gov



Monies owed by the association






Questions or comments? As ever, we’re open to hearing from you about anything we’ve reported above.