Yn ôl i Cynnal a chadw

Cyfrifoldebau Melin

We will:

  • Keep the structure and outside of your home in good condition.
  • Repair fixtures and fittings inside your home, such as kitchen units, doors, pipes and heating.
  • Make sure that water and electricity are supplied safely and that waste is taken away properly.
  • If you live in one of our flats, we will take reasonable care to keep common entrances, halls, stairways, lifts, passageways, rubbish chutes and any other common parts in good repair.

We will also undertake repairs to damage caused by you or any unauthorised alterations or services installed. We will recover the costs of these works from you.

Your responsibilities

You should keep the inside of your home in good condition. Make sure that you, your family or your visitors don’t damage your home either accidentally or deliberately.

Please read our repairs and maintenance section for more information.

Fixing things in your home

This table shows who is responsible for fixing and replacing various things or parts of your house.


Repair to item




Toilet, sink, shower, bath, tiles, splashback panels

Safety flooring

Broken traps, drains and pipework

Toilet seat, shower curtain, bath plugs, toilet roll holder, plugs and chains

Unblocking traps and drains in the shower, sink, bath and toilet


Kitchen cupboards, units, doors, worktops, splashbacks, tiles

Safety flooring

Electrical sockets and wiring

Sink, taps, broken traps, drains and pipework

Unblocking traps, drains, plugs, chains, pipes serving the sink and washing machine

Connecting washing machine

Other rooms

Woodwork, doors, frames, staircase, balustrade, handrail

Easing doors after carpet fitting or decorating

Floorboards, floor structure


Walls, plasterwork, but not decoration

Passenger lifts

Firefighting equipment

Floor coverings, except in kitchen and bathroom

Mould growth

Internal painting and decorating

Repairing minor cracks in plasterwork, and plaster screw pop out repairs

Heating and Plumbing

Boiler servicing and repair

Cooker gas connection point/bayonet (but not cooker or connection pipe)

Tanks and pipework

Radiators and valves

Storage radiators

Heat pumps

Gas meter – please refer to your gas supplier

Bleeding radiators


Electrical systems, wires, sockets and switches

Repair of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

Light fittings, but not shades or fittings not installed by Melin

External flood lights

Door entry systems, scheme manager call systems

Street lighting (please contact us as it may be Melin or the Local Council)

Hard wired door bell fitted by Melin

Broken extractor fan

Testing of smoke detectors within your home

Cleaning of extractor fan

Electric meter – please refer to your electricity supplier

Lightbulbs (except in communal areas), tubes, starters

Replacing batteries in carbon monoxide detectors

Tenant fitted lights

Door bells fitted by resident, battery or mains powered


Doors, frames, letterboxes, (but not easing because of carpet fitting or decoration)

Window frames, hinges, handles, vents

Misted window panes or glass door panels

Paths, ramps, handrails, steps, stairs

Roof, facias, soffits, chimneys

Solar panels

Communal grounds maintenance, tree maintenance

External and communal area decoration


Boundary walls

Fences and gates

Unblocking gutters (flats and communal blocks only)

Communal washing lines

Unblocking drains and gullies in private garden or serving just your property

Door locks

Lost keys

Broken glass window panes or door panels caused by the resident or third party

Unblocking guttering

Pest control (see pests page for more information)

Private garden maintenance, cutting grass, shrubs, hedges

Improvements made by you to your home with our permission

This does not apply to Leaseholders. Please refer to your lease or contact us if you have a repair.


We understand that some residents may require more assistance with

repairs that are not Melin’s responsibility. If you or your family

cannot undertake the repairs yourself, please contact us and we will put

you in touch with someone who can help you.

Making changes to your home

Any work that involves physical changes to the structure, fixtures or fittings of the property will require our permission. You will also need permission for garden buildings other than a shed that is provided by Melin.

Other things that will require our approval

  • Fitting a satellite dish
  • External decoration
  • Installing fencing or boundary walls and gates
  • Installing a patio
  • Building a garage
  • Installing a shed or greenhouse
  • Timber or other decking

Some things won’t require our permission

These include:

  • Fitting a water meter
  • Small scale garden work, as long as there is no electrical work, structural changes or the use of water
  • Decoration with soft furnishings such as curtains or blinds
  • Carpeting, vinyl or laminate flooring; (Please remember you will need to arrange for doors to be eased if they won’t close as we don’t provide this service)
  • Changing light bulbs, bath plugs, shower curtains or toilet seats
  • Fitting white goods, such as a tumble dryer, as long as connections to services are already available
  • Installation of a BT telephone line or cable TV.

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