Yn ôl i Symud i Melin


A computer generated image of a new housing development
Our new development in …

We are committed to building new affordable homes for rent and low-cost homeownership (LCHO) through Melin Homebuy.

Over the last five years we have built XX.

61 Newport Road, Caldicot

Plots: 1
Handover phase:

Handover date: 9th May 2022
Type: Independent Living
Quantity: 1
Contract: Refurb

Completed developments

Llantarnam Road, Cwmbran

Newport Road, Caldicot

An illsutration of a trowel and a wall being built

Llangattock S106 (Davies Homes)

Plots: 1–4
Handover phase:
Not yet in contract
Handover date: 9th May 2022
Type: Rented
Quantity: No 4
Contract: S106

Elderwood Parc

Tredegar Court, Newport

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Apply to rent

Though you can’t apply for a property through us directly, we’ve explained the best way to apply through your council’s local housing register.

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