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Annual Report 2022–23

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The last financial year has been challenging for us all – our customers, our employees, and our business. We’ve come face to face with a tough economic outlook, but we are ready for what is to come, and we are proud of what we’ve achieved.

In this report you can read about what we have accomplished with our customers, the impact we’ve had at both an individual and community level as well as an honest reflection of the challenges we have faced.

We have asked residents to give us feedback on a number of areas, including our services. We know that our customers are the best people to help us shape and improve our services, they know where we get it right and where we can make improvements. We used this information to help us plan for the next five years (2023 to 2027) for our new Corporate Strategy.

Overall, your feedback has been positive. We don’t get everything right and have made it easier to raise concerns and complaints. We remain committed to resolving residents’ concerns as soon as we can. We want to be brilliant at what we do and focus on the issues that matter. Your engagement with us, scrutinising our services, focusing on service improvements, and giving voice to your concerns is vital in helping us meet our objectives. You can find out more about our Melin Voices group here on our website, if you would like to get involved just get in touch, all the ways to contact us are on our contact page.

Paula Kennedy
Chief Executive Melin Homes


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